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Understanding Common Health Conditions and Treatment Options

As the cornerstone of healthcare, Family Medicine, serves as the first line of defense against common health conditions. It is a discipline that not only focuses on treatment, but also emphasizes preventive care; ensuring that you remain healthy and well-informed about your health. When you establish a relationship with a Family Medicine Physician, you are not just connecting with a Physician but are also partnering with a healthcare advocate who understands you, your personal and family health history and who can provide tailored advice considering your unique needs to optimize your health and quality of life.

A Concierge Direct Care Model : A Non-Traditional Approach to Comprehensive Care

How important is your healthcare to you? Many people would say it's very important to them - some would say, it's the most important part of their life. So then why is it that it has become so difficult to find a Primary Care practice that also feels & operates the same way? To fill this gap, many Primary Care Physicians are adopting a new model; Concierge Direct Care. In this model, care is brought back to the center of healthcare. By eliminating insurance, these Physicians are able to provide their Patients with personalized, transparent & readily-available care without the obstacles often brought forth by insurance companies & large organizations. Primary Care the way it should be.