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Dr. Kaur strives to develop a personalized connection with each of her Patients. See what Dr. Kaur's Patients are saying about her Practice!

“Dr. Kamaljit Kaur has proved to be the best primary care physician my wife and I ever had. She is caring, knowledgeable and efficient. She cares for you as a family member and knows your health issues intimately.”​​​​​​​


"Dr. Kaur is a doll. Very nice and easy to talk to as though you're speaking to a friend without feeling rushed. i'd recommend Dr. Kaur to anyone whos asks without hesitation."​​​​​​​


"I am loving everything about my new primary Dr. Kaur! She is my third try as a primay provider and so far I am loving haver her on my team. She took time with me to go over my many issues and didnt just want to push like the other docs. Very pleased and I highly recommend."​​​​​​​

Sharon D.​​​​​​​

"Dr. Kamalit is th best general practitioner, I've ever worked with. She keeps all my records in order from all other doctors better than anyone."​​​​​​​


"It was a first meeting. In looking for a new primary carre physician. One who can coordinate all my doctors and treatments. As a person who look at big picture of my treatment and advise me accordingly. Be most off all treat me. As an individual and like a part of  an assembly line. Dr. Kuar centainly seemed like that kind of person."​​​​​​​


"Dr. Kaur was Amazing, so caring and thorough, exceptional quality healthcare."​​​​​​​


"Dr. Kaur was warm, professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to review my records and spent time with me to address my concerns. I give he a 10+!!!"​​​​​​​

Joyce G.​​​​​​​

"I've never left a doctor before, feeling as informed and cared as for as I have with Dr. Kaur. I've already recommend her to everyone I know. My husband already had a visit!"


"The doctor was on focused on talking to me. The doctor was not interrupted or ditracted which I appreciated."​​​​​​​


"I have several medical conditions and have consulted numerous doctors. However, when I encountered Dr. Kaur during her tenure at Baptist Health, I found the best doctor I've ever had. I am willing to pay for membership to ensure I can continue receiving her exceptional care."

​​​​​​​Leonel R.​​​​​​​

"I cannot express sufficient gratitude towards Dr. Kamaljit Kaur. Having commenced her journey as our family physician amidst the pandemic, Dr. Kaur has navigated us through numerous challenging circumstances with exceptional care and professionalism. It is rare to encounter a medical professional who demonstrates such a profound commitment to her patients, dedicating ample time to thoroughly understand and address the root causes of health issues, with the aim of devising sustainable, long-term solutions. Dr. Kaur and her practice are revolutionizing approaches to medical care and making it accessible in the present day. Given that health is our most valuable asset, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kaur and her exemplary team."

​​​​​​​Cristina M.​​​​​​​

"Dr Kaur is an outstanding  physician who has far exceeded my expectations. As a healthcare provider myself, I am truly impressed by her meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach to care. She consistently demonstrates genuine concern for my well-being and truly advocates for her patients. In an era where healthcare interactions are often rushed and impersonal due to insurance pressures and time constraints , Dr Kaur's compassionate and thorough approach stands out. The value of concierge medicine is often overlooked, but after comparing the cost of health insurance to the personalized care provided by Dr. Kaur, it's clear that the investment is entirely worthwhile. Additionally, her medical assistant, Christina, is amazing and contributes greatly to the exceptional care experience. Dr Kaur practices medicine in its truest form-centered around the patients needs and well-being, as it was always intended to be.  I highly recommend Dr Kaur and her team to anyone seeking top-notch, personalized and compassionate medical care."

​​​​​​​Shana C.​​​​​​​

"Dr. Kaur is an excellent Physician. So much so, that my entire family has transitioned to her personal care. We experienced quite a few Primary Care Physicians in South Florida and feel blessed to be part of Dr. Kaur’s care. If you are looking for a Physician that specializes in Primary Care/Family Medicine with excellent academic credentials and experience look no further. You, your family, and friends will be treated with the highest medical quality, personal care and respect possible."

​​​​​​​Lisa R.​​​​​​​

"Dr. Kaur is amazing! She is extremely thorough and spent a long time answering my questions. She followed up a couple of days later to make sure I was feeling better. I highly recommend Dr. Kaur. There are few primary care MDs like her. She is a gem!"​​​​​​​

Tony E.​​​​​​​

"Dr. Kaur, your dedication and professionalism have truly made a difference in my healthcare experience. Your unwavering support and accessibility have meant the world to me. Thank you for being an exceptional doctor and for always being there when I needed guidance and care."

​​​​​​​John M.​​​​​​​

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